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Shelves That Slide custom pull out shelf

We manufacture custom pull-out shelving for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Have you had a visit from a sliding shelving genie that wanted to make your money disappear? Do it yourself, get a high quality sliding shelf system and save $$$, that is a win win. If you are tired of getting on your hands and knees to get that pot or pan from the back of your cabinet than you need Shelves That Slide. Shelves That Slide can make your life easier with our top quality pull out sliding shelving

pull out sliding shelves that slide

We build a simple yet high quality shelf using top quality material and sliding shelf hardware. We have used Blum drawer hardware since we started in business way back in 1991 ad we continue to use Blum. We stay with them because of the quality and our customers stay with us for the same reason. We only use 9 ply birch plywood for the front, back and sides of our shelves, even on our less expensive pull out shelves. We could use other materials such as Oak plywood or even use softer woods such as poplar but we know that the 9 ply 1/2" thick birch plywood is the best material for pull out sliding shelves

Custom pull out sliding shelves that slide

BTW we know it is not spelled shelfs, nor is it shelve or shelfes but it is a word that is often miss spelled and we wanted to cover all bases. We are not SHelves That Slide LLC

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